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Adam Franklin

Editing & Proofreading services to help your ideas travel.
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  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Structural and Line Editing

  • Re-writing

  • Sensitivity Readings

Your project is unique and every piece is unique. Together we can enhance your voice, clarify your message, or streamline your story. We can also just hunt down the typos and stomp them out.

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I'm sure you have an idea or two that's getting restless, that needs to travel.

We’re not trying fix or finish a manuscript. We’re giving it flesh, giving it mobility. We’re helping it travel.


Like physical travel, that involves a focus on the essentials, presenting at checkpoints, and adhering to local custom and protocol. Most importantly, it means keeping your bag organized.


Whether it’s an article or a newsletter, horror or erotica, let's get your ideas geared up and kitted out.

Adam Franklin
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Badly Edited Product Label for "Househole Cedaning"
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